Super Resolution Microscopy: Articles & Links

  • Most Powerful Optical Microscope in the World at Manchester University?
  • Subnanometre single-molecule localization, registration and distance measurements
  • Secrets of a cell, Harvard Bio-Researchers peering in at a near-nano level
  • Optical Microscopy
  • Super-resolution Microscopy Takes On Third Dimension
  • Super-Resolution Optical Microscopy, Nanoscopy, and Nanopositioning Motion Contro
  • Steven Block Lab at Stanford University
  • Super Resolution Imaging
  • A compact STED microscope providing 3D nanoscale resolution
  • Bustamante Lab - University of California, Berkeley
  • Design Considerations for Micro- and Nanopositioning: Leveraging the Latest for Biophysical Applications
  • Eric Betzig, STED Pioneer Stefan W. Hell and William E. Moerner: Nobel Prize for super resolution techinques


    Products for Super Resolution Microscopy:
    Piezo Stages, Nano-Positioning / Focusing Systems

    Super resolution microscopy (nanoscopy) refers to optical techniques that go beyond the diffraction limit. STED (stimulated emission depletion), STORM (stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy) are some of the latest, most promising techniques. Super resolution microscopes are very often used as tools for bio-research looking at proteins and biomolecules, they achieve resolution down to the 10 nanometer scale.
    Most super-resolution microscopes incorporate some kind of piezoelectric precision positioning device for scanning or focussing. Other ultra-high resolution optical microscopy techniques are known as 4Pi Microscopy, RESOLFT, TIRFM, Structured Illumination, confocal, SPEM, PALM.

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